Rome the city of art and culture

Rome – An Exhaustible Source of Arts and Culture

All roads lead to the Eternal City, which used to be the centre of an enormous civilisation. Rome is truly remarkable and it is never easy deciding where to go and what to do first. Of course first thought about Rome is its glorious history, exceptional art and amazing culture. But that is not all because Rome has much more to offer.

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The Well-Known and Must-Visit Attractions

Once you decide to visit Rome, you are quite familiar with the most popular tourist attractions of the city, and you surely cannot wait to see them. Among the unavoidable destinations are, of course, the Colosseum – Rome’s great gladiator arena, Basilica di San Pietro – Rome’s most spectacular cathedral, Palatine Hill – the birthplace of Romulus and Remus, and the Trevi Fountain – the largest Baroque fountain in the city.

But apart from these, every tourist should know that Rome has indeed other lovely and spectacular destinations to show, the ones that are not only related to history or art, but also to cuisine and tradition.

Roman Museums – Eternal Inspiration

One could say that visiting Rome is just like visiting one great and unfailing museum. The Italian capital represents a real centre of history, culture and arts. Hence, if you by any chance hesitate whether to visit Rome or not, take into consideration all the wonderful museums and galleries it will gladly offer you during your stay. If you are a fan of Renaissance or Baroque, make sure you visit the famous Galleria Borghese. The gallery is placed in a 17th-century villa and contains 20 rooms where you can admire some of the greatest antiquities from the periods of the Renaissance and the beginnings of Baroque.

However, if you prefer the art from the 20th century, Rome will make sure you do not lack it during your visit. Of course, it is extremely hard to escape from art in Italy, and especially in Rome. Hence, your stay to the Giorgio de Chirico House-Museum is simply inevitable. The two level apartment which was a house of De Chirico during his lifetime until his death will bring you one century back. While visiting De Chirico House, you will undoubtedly get a glimpse of the past times and the way of life of the upper class in the 20th century. What is more, once you get into the house-museum, you will surely be enthralled by the view which is pointed directly to the Piazza di Spagna.

But perhaps the most exciting experience for any tourist in Rome would be the visit to the Vatican Museums. These will offer you numerous and most famous art collections that have been gathered for generations. Surely, your stay cannot pass without visiting the Sistine Chapel – the Michelangelo’s masterpiece.

Moreover, if you are lucky enough, you may even see the Pope in Vatican. You never know.


Italian food is already globally famous but one should definitively not miss a chance of trying some of its finest delicatessens in its native form. Pizza is something that defines Italian cuisine and Rome has a particular way of serving this delicious dish. There are small pizzerias on almost every corner in the city that serve pizza the al taglio way. Small slices of pizza will let you walk and eat and even try a variety of different pizzas. Also, gelato is a must-try when visiting Rome since it is amazingly delicious and it comes in different flavours too.

The Spirit of Rome

Visiting museums and galleries will let you feel the breath of antiquity but it won’t make you discover the real spirit of the Eternal City. History defines Rome but how people live with this past every day makes the life here so amazing. Roaming through the dazzling but charming small neighbourhood of Trastevere will be a smart decision. This medieval section of the ancient metropolis is famous for its lively nightlife with hundreds of cafes and clubs. But during the day, this pedestrian area will give you the real perspective of the modern Roman way of living. Also, try shopping in the Via del Governo Vecchio where you can find exotic gear for a fair price and still enjoy a genuine essence of Rome.

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