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Located in the south-eastern Europe, Croatia is a small country with many travelling hot spots. This amazing country represents an attractive mix of Mid-European continental and passionate Mediterranean culture and way of living. If you would have to compare it with other nations, we might say it is a combination of Austria and Spain, but in a unique and charming way. Having this in mind, it won’t be a big surprise to find out that Croatia is one of the central tourist destinations in Europe and even farther. Tourism is something these people pay a lot of attention to, so visiting Croatia will definitively not be a mistake since it truly has a lot to offer.

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Zagreb – A Fascinating Capital and Centre of Culture

Croatia’s capital is definitively a place one should visit when visiting the country for the first time. Zagreb is the spot where you can easily get all the info about Croatia’s fascinating history and culture. Although it is not a big country, Croatia has many different regions are widely different and unique. And in Zagreb, you can take a good look at all of them in once. The city itself is a destination worth exploring, especially its famous nightlife and various activities on the Lake Jarun. The historical part of the city is much different from the impressive but a bit grey socialist architecture that dominates the skyline. And if the visit is taking part during the winter it may be wise to visit the famous sky resort Sljeme located just above the city.

Dubrovnik and Split – Magnificent Croatian Cities

Apart from Zagreb, Croatia has other smaller and bigger cities you should undoubtedly visit. Dubrovnik, an old town with rich history and splendid fortresses, will surely lure the tourists to stay as long as possible. The well-known and popular TV show ‚Game of Thrones‘ has been filmed in Dubrovnik, and in the next few years, the city will be even more popular than before if it is possible at all. The unspoilt nature, the blue sea and incredible beaches, together with the beauty of the old town of Dubrovnik will make your trip a memorable one for sure. Many famous people take a rest in Dubrovnik, so don’t hesitate to visit this magnificent city, you may encounter your favourite singer or actor there.

Another interesting place to travel to is the city of Split. It has a fascinating history, tourist destinations and warm people to wish you welcome. The city has been built by a Roman emperor Diocletian, and today it has grown into a second largest city in the country. Split can offer you whatever you like, from urban part of the city filled with shopping malls, restaurants and cafes, to the old and peaceful parts of the city, where one can enjoy a simple walk surrounded by not-to-be-forgotten beauties.

Korčula – A Stunning Beauty Of An Island

The splendid Dalmatian coast in Croatia hides many amazing destinations that can make you change your holiday plans. Placed in the small archipelago just off the Croatian mainland lies the picturesque island of Korcula. Many celebrities have already discovered this lovely place and tourists all around the world yearn to travel to the extraordinary Croatian island and to have an unforgettable adventure. The island offers all the types of accommodation, incredible and untouched beaches, as well as many activities during your visit.

The island disposes of a great variety of hotels, hostels, private accommodation, and campsites. What can surely lure the tourists to stay in Korcula is the fact that all types of accommodation provide the visitors with apartments, suites and rooms overlooking the sea. Hence, the day on Korcula starts with early morning sunbeams peeping through the window and with hearing the murmur of the waves. Hotels dispose of various services, so one can book a suite in a four or five-star hotel with a private beach and all inclusive service, or just enjoy in a somewhat simple variant of either a hotel or a hostel. However, perhaps the most popular type of accommodation is a private one. Korčula has indeed numerous magnificent private houses that offer the possibility of booking clean, well-furnitured, and cosy rooms that are eagerly chosen by many guests in Croatia.

However, the most surprising part of your vacation can be the beaches that reveal the incredible beauty and unspoilt nature. The guests can enjoy in either rocky or sandy beaches, both of which will bring a whiff of untouched natural beauties that Korcula’s residents strive to preserve as much as possible. Like anywhere else, you can head for the public and central Korcula’s beach where the most of the guests spend their vacation, together with the locals. However, being an island, Korcula is an inexhaustible source of the hidden, small and mostly rarely visited beaches that are a real gem of the isle. These places offer you to explore the depth of the sea or just wander the beach in a search of new and unseen nature. Private beaches, as well as public and sometimes overcrowded beaches, provide you with anything you need, from showers with fresh, clean water to the locals who sell their delicious local products.

Croatian Island of Krk – An Inevitable Destination

Being a country with many attractive destinations, Croatia can offer its visitors another wonderful island, the island of Krk. The most experienced travellers who have crisscrossed every corner of the Adriatic coast will tell you that the isle of Krk is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Many people consider it to be the real Pearl of the Adriatic, and there is more than one reason for such an opinion!

Krk is, in fact, the biggest island in the Adriatic Sea, located in its northern part near the Croatian city of Rijeka. It has an outstanding location since it is settled in the middle of Kvarner Bay, surrounded by the Dalmatian mainland on one side, and beautiful islands of Cres and Rab on the other side. There are more than dozens of islets, rocks and reefs around it, thus creating a real picturesque landscape worthy of paradise.

What is more, accommodation on Krk fulfils the highest demands. Namely, finding a suitable place to stay on Krk should not be a problem since there are many hotels, hostels, private rooms and apartments, as well as campsites. All types of accommodation are spread throughout the whole island so you will have the possibility to enjoy in any part of the Isle.

Croatian cuisine, and especially the one on the isle of Krk, has been famous even in the past centuries, and some stories give a detailed description of the tasty roasted lamb served on the popular Nero’s treats in Rome.

When it comes to entertainment, there is a unique mixture of traditional and modern ways of entertainment. The visitors may witness the traditional feasts that celebrate the patron saints of different island places. The best known of all the traditional treats is the „Krk Fair“, that takes place in August. In addition, there is a festival that promotes the Krk folklore. Other festivals include classical concerts, folk songs, ballet and drama.

Therefore, Croatia will not only provide you with a rich history and exciting tourist destinations, but this incredible Balkan country will undoubtedly reveal the fact that its residents are warm people, its nature is untouched, and Croatian cities and islands will keep enthralling their visitors.

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