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Greece – Greek Islands

The first idea most people get when they hear for Greece is ‚greek islands‘. And it is not a surprise since this country has over 1400 of them spread all around the mainland. Every and each of them is unique and extraordinary for some reason, and people simply enjoy visiting them. They are easy to be reached and the easiest and cheapest way of doing so is by taking a ferry. But among all of these islands some are particularly exceptional and if you get a chance, you will not regret visiting them at all.

Mykonos – Offers Wild Nights and Fun

Young people who want to spend their nights on vacation clubbing and partying usually pick Mykonos. They call it the Greek Ibiza because of the intense and wild nightlife that reaches its peak in July and August. There is a vast number of bars and clubs where some of the best DJ’s from all around the world hold their gigs for people seeking pleasure. Mykonos is also famous for its splendid hotels and some of the most exclusive in whole Greece are located there.

Santorini – A Perfect Chance to Rest Your Soul

The story behind the island of Santorini is related to the volcanic eruption in 1600 BC. Namely, the centre of the volcano ended up in the sea, and its parts formed the present isle. If you decide to enjoy turquoise water and spectacular landscapes, then Santorini is the right choice for you. The whole villages and even towns are places on the cliffs of the island, hence visiting it would give you a chance to take a rest, find your inner peace and collect your thoughts. Many tourists decide exactly for Santorini since this is one of the most famous Greek islands. So, take into consideration isle’s history, and natural beauties. You will surely not regret your decision.

Crete – If You Are a Gourmand

Crete is probably one of the most famous islands in the entire world. Although most of the people are familiar with its history and mythology, only a few know that Crete is a real heaven on Earth for all gourmands. This island was truly blessed with a pleasant climate so it can grow a variety of very delicious food. Crete is primarily famous for its amazing olive oil, cheese and wine, but tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, strawberries, watermelon, avocados and even bananas also grow here and once you taste them you will never want to leave this fantastic island. Once you get there, simply rush in the nearest tavern and order some meal, and don’t forget to try the fiery native alcohol drink called raki.

Naxos Will Offer You a Whiff of Tradition

Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades and provides a detailed insight into tradition and the way of life in its villages. Once you leave the ferry and start your way to the inner part of the island, you can instantly see the sign that only says: Villages. If you are a supporter of a tradition, a simple life and if you love a village lifestyle, then Naxos will enthral you with its beauty and simplicity. Travelling through the island will bring you to 46 villages, each of which has a bakery, a cafe and a village square. You can see old people, the residents, who drink coffee at their tables and trade traditional, amusing stories. Naxos and its villages are not so visited, but still a number of tourists who enjoy the old-fashioned, traditional, and simple way of life decide to spend a peaceful vacation.

Griechenland Insel

Greek Islands Will Take Your Breath Away

Each Greek island carries a particular story, and visiting any of them will be unforgettable adventure and experience. Thus, you can visit Ikaria, an island named after Icarus, Folegandros, a romantic island for couples, or Milos, an island with magnificently beautiful beaches.

Therefore, no matter what kind of a vacation you yearn for, Greece can offer you an island to suit your needs. Fun and memorable times are guaranteed on Greek islands.

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